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Reputation Digital Tech

Restore, Promote & Protect your reputation online

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Web Reputation

Bad press, incriminating photos, or worse?
There are no second chances at a first impression & in today’s world, the internet is your first impression.  Fix it now before it’s too late.

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Right to be Forgotten

Misleading, incorrect or out-dated information online?
If you want to get it off line,  you need expert assistance
to assert your legal rights.

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Brand Reputation

Bad reviews & PR crisis will hurt your business.
You need help fast to t
urn it around and save your
brand from facing failure.

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What are they finding about you on internet?

billion +
users online
internt pages
Google searches each year

Protecting your image online

Web reputation analysis and consulting
  • Damaging information online?
  • Defamatory videos & photos on social media?
  • Associated those who have bad press?
  • Is someone violating your online privacy?
  • Want to restore your professional or personal image?

We can remove everything from view that effects your web reputation with our team of SEO and online content managers, IT technicians, and specialized lawyers. Our online reputation analysis and consulting services are based on years of experience and the most advanced technologies developed over decades of research in the digital field.

Thanks to a team of industry experts we operate on every
level of your reputation engines, sites, social networks,
newspapers, blogs & forums, & publications.

Who We Are

We entered into the field of online reputation management in the late ’90s; it was a natural direction to follow in light of our passion for marketing and communication. Over the years we have diversified and evolved to include new technologies and cutting edge strategies in removing negative information. Reputation Digital Tech creates websites and digital platforms to strengthen and improve your reputation.

Our company has experienced personnel specialized in SEO and SEM communication techniques, the Right to be Forgotten and Right to Privacy legislation and works with professional journalists to create content which will quickly move to the top of search results. Web reputation, brand management and the Right to be forgotten are our main activities.

We help our customers resolve and improve their online reputation, developing the most effective strategies to make the most of their image in internet. Among our clients, we have politicians, managers, popular brands and famous personalities.

“We remove content which damages your reputation”

Our Clients

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CEO to account managers, investors and public relations

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Public Offices

Assistance on all levels including international, national & local

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Fashion, Banks, & Insurance Companies, including brand, products & servies

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Actors, Writers, Dignitaries, Celebrities and others


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    Reputation Digital Tech

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