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If you can answer yes to any one of these questions... you need help!

Do you have negative comments about your company, product or service?
Are you finding photos of your company, product or service that show you in a bad light?
Is your business experiencing problems and you want to protect your reputation?
Are clients leaving poor reviews about your brand and you don't know how to respond?
Do you want to position your brand, product, or service in front of your target client?

Brands, just like a person, have a Web Reputation. They can find themselves flooded with negative reviews, comments, and publicity. On their own, these brands, flounder and have no way of recovering their reputation.

Reputation Digital Tech works side by side with their clients to develop an in-depth strategy on all levels ranging from preemptive actions, recovery, and protection in the future from bad PR, comments and events.

Brand management and brand reputation take into consideration the complex process of creating relations and connecting products and/or services and consumers. It means identifying the core values and then getting that message out to the consumer through social media, online reviews and articles.

Our team comes together to develop a strategic plan to which helps your brand shine, find its target market, and project the company’s overall vision.

Positioning your brand online is a subtle combination of several areas of expertise

Reverse the trend in times of a PR crisis! Our diverse team of content managers, social media influencers,  legal specialists in the Right to be Forgotten, graphic artists and technical experts work with our clients to analyze the situation with special “listenting” software, develop a strategy that reflects core values and monitor the results to keep the brand on track.


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